“”Internet of things” and occupational health and safety, but attention to privacy”

Francesca Masso,
B. Toniolo, S. Campigotto,
Ambiente & Sicurezza, New Business Media, 2016, n. 11, p. 53.

Published by Ambiente & Sicurezza. Article by B&P on the use of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in order to increase workers’ safety.

New opportunities that technological developments offer in terms of production efficiency can also be used for a better and more effective management of health and safety at work. It is necessary, however, that legislation keeps pace with the most modern technological applications, promoting dialogue and coordination between the different legal disciplines, between different approaches in labor law and accident prevention jurisprudence, as well as between the (often) opposing instances of social partners. In this perspective, the article proposes a reflection on the applicability of the so-called “internet of things” in the occupational safety field and its compatibility with the -recently amended – legislation on remote control of workers’ activities.

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