Milan, June 15, “Internet of Things (IoT) and safety at work”

Milan Association of Engineers: B&P presents a report on the Internet of Things (IoT) and safety at work.

B&P pays always attention to technological development, its impact on companies’ obligations and the opportunities it offers. In this context, our most recent insights concern the links between safety at work and the opportunities offered by the so-called “Internet of things”. A report on this topic by Francesca Masso and Luciano Butti will be presented at a conference to be held on June 15th in Milan for initiative of the Association of Engineeers of that city. More information is available at: https://www.ordineingegneri.milano.it/fondazione/corsi-e-seminari/16-487-internet.

On the same topic we refer also to our article published in “Ambiente & Sicurezza” n. 11/2016: https://www.buttiandpartners.com/en/occupational-health-and-safety/2016/06/15/internet-delle-cose-e-sicurezza-ma-attenzione-alla-privacy/

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