Rivoli, 16 September, “Environmental risk management in companies”

Luciano Butti, Francesca Masso and Attilio Balestreti speak at a free workshop on “Environmental risk management in companies: the new ISO14001, Legislative Decree no. 231/01, procurement and environmental crimes” organized in Turin by EDF Fenice.
A major problem for enterprises is the control of risks – and their “costs” (not only from an economic point of view, but also legal and operational) – related to environmental management. Models 231, Environmental management systems and operational procedures are tools that – if implemented effectively – can contribute to an actual reduction of risk. In this context, the recent introduction of new environmental crimes (“ecoreati”) and the update of ISO14001 standards require the adjustment of companies’ risks management systems. This adaptation can also create important opportunities for companies in the light of the new “Procurement Code”.
These will be the main topics of the workshop, which will last half a day and will consist of a first part on technical and regulatory insights, to be followed by a panel discussion and open debate. The law firm B&P will focus – also through operational ideas – of the main legal problems of such an articulated theme; there will then be speeches that will describe the technical profiles, the guidelines and the operational reality of companies.

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