26-27 may 2017 Worcester college, University of Oxford (UK) – Luciano Butti will give a talk on the cost of environmental protection

On May 27th at the Worcester College of the University of Oxford at the 9th Annual Meeting of The Society for Environmental Law & Economics Luciano Butti will give a talk on the following topic: The Cost of Environmental Protection Under Court Scrutiny Worldwide.

Today, science and technology allow continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Is such improvement always mandatory for the industrial sector, regardless of costs? And what is the Courts’ point of view on this matter, worldwide? Innovation in technology is a key factor in ensuring that environmental protection is achieved without renouncing economic growth, but the continuous development of technologies and standards may become critical for companies that need to plan long-term investments. Addittionally, some of the new available technologies might simply be too expensive to be adopted without jeopardizing a company’s economic stability. Therefore, an equilibrium point must be found between environmental protection and what can be reasonably expected of companies.

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