Cologne, June 19th, International congress THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION

B&P will give a speech on the legal responsibilities for autonomous driving, at the international congress THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION

Autonomous guide, possible accidents and criminal responsibilities: Luciano Butti will give a speech on June 19 in Cologne (Germany) at the congress The Future of Transportation (http://www.thefutureoftransportconference.com/en/stream-3.php).
These are the main questions: will we really have self-driving cars in the future? When? Will self-driving cars increase road safety? Will they be compatible with the drastic reduction of private traffic in cities that we need? Who will be legally responsible in case of accidents? Do autonomous cars have to adopt ethical decisions in critical situations? (We will see on this that even the robots can be, in particular contexts, very undecided on what to do, up to the paralysis …).

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