After the quality, the environmental management: B&P Avvocati obtains the certification of its management system also according to the ISO 14001 standards

Our law firm – certified for quality for about 20 years – has now also obtained the certification of its internal environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 series of standards.

DNV is our certification body, also for the environmental management.

We are well aware that, for a law firm, environmental problems are quite simple, mainly concerning the optimization of waste management, energy consumption and the ecological footprint of our professionals’ travels.

However, we have also decided to give a signal in the direction that we believe to be the right one: that of a conscious and gradual commitment of companies and organizations towards the continuous improvement of their environmental performance.

From our professional experience we have drawn the conviction that – at least in the medium and long term – this is an asset for companies and organizations, increasing their reputation and improving dialogue with the Public Authorities.


B&P Avvocati has identified the following main objectives:

  • monitoring of energy consumption;
  • active collaboration with suppliers in the search for products with a lower environmental impact;
  • improvement of differentiated waste collection;
  • maintaining full legislative compliance with legal and other requirements;
  • involvement and awareness of all personnel on environmental issues related to the company’s activities;
  • monitoring, control and continuous improvement of environmental performance;
  • periodic review of our Policy, objectives, targets, related implementation programs and integrated quality-environment management system in order to pursue continuous improvements and give it adequate visibility within the law firm.



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