Cambridge, 17 October, Fake news

The rise of the fake news phenomenon is alarming in many parts of the world. Fake news related to science and medicine is particularly dangerous. For instance, fake news often convinces people to avoid the necessary vaccinations or to take a non-validated therapy, instead of the validated one. The consequences of this can be lethal.
A solid solution to this can only be brought about by better education and a deeper understanding of the scientific method, as well as of the difference between causation and correlation.
However, developing these takes time.
In the meantime, we also need some short term strategy in order to contain and discourage the diffusion of the most dangerous fake news about science.
In this context, law – and criminal law in particular – can play an important role. Criminalizing the diffusion of fake news on science can be a powerful deterrent from them spreading and causing further damage. But what are the conditions for criminalising fake news? This is the central question of the talk.
Here is the link to the relevant page in the Clare Hall website.

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