Our services

In our practice areas our firm assists companies in any kind of litigation (civil, criminal, administrative, tax and labour). After carefully evaluating with the client the need to proceed with litigation and how to handle it, we always strive towards achieving the best possible solution for our clients.



We assist companies and their representatives in all criminal proceedings that may affect their business.


We assist companies in litigation before Regional Administrative Courts and the State Council for trials on environmental and public procurement matters.


We handle civil litigation in corporate matters related to our practice areas, including: compensation for environmental damage, industrial emissions, sale of contaminated sites and product liability.

Labour and social security

We assist companies in any trial concerning labour and social security matters.



We assist companies in their dealings with Public Authorities and in negotiations with third parties.

Occupational Health and Safety

We assist clients by providing broad professional consultancy services in risk management and prevention, safety of workers and occupational hazards.

Corporate governance

We assist companies and their leadership in drafting and implementing their corporate governance models and overcoming related regulatory issues.

International services

We are actively involved in a number of activities and projects of international breadth in relation to our speciality areas.


We assist companies in tax disputes with a specific focus on local taxes on waste and depuration fees.

Public Contracts

The firm provides consulting and assistance to both Contracting Authorities and private companies.

Our team of specialized professionals is fully focused on our clients’ needs and offers them legal counseling and assistance at 360 degrees.