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B&P believes in the specialization of legal services. Thus, we provide highly specialized legal services in the following fields: environment and pollution, occupational health safety, and corporate liability. Our experience in these fields is recognized both at national and international level. We provide companies with legal opinions and assist them in contract negotiations as well as in their dealings with Public Authorities.


Historically, environmental law was the first practice area of our firm when it was created in the early 90s. We assist companies in their dealings with Public Authorities and in negotiations with third parties. Our expertise enables us to understand the legal implications behind the complex technical issues that our clients face. We also offer customized audits for our clients concerning all aspects of their corporate environmental management. Our specialization extends to all areas of environmental law, from waste management to remediation, regulation of industrial emissions, sewage authorizations and energy. In these fields we are leading experts, university professors and authors of several publications.

Occupational Health and Safety

We assist clients by providing broad professional consultancy services in risk management and prevention, safety of workers and occupational hazards, including machine safety, health check-ups as well as the dangers of repetitive movements. Our services also include planning and implementing audits with clients in relation to all aspects of safety management. We have written extensively on these topics and our articles have been published by the most prestigious journals in the field.

Corporate governance

Criminal corporate liability (Decree n. 231/2001) was extended to occupational health and safety offences in 2007 and to environmental crimes in 2011, respectively. Aware of the challenges that this poses to corporates, we assist companies and their leadership in drafting and implementing their corporate governance models, overcoming related regulatory issues and representing them in criminal trials that may arise therefrom.
Our experience covers all aspects of liability in the pharmaceutical and health sectors: from the management of medical waste to the implementation of safety measures in pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions.
We also plan and implement audits with clients in relation to the environmental and safety aspects of their organizational models.

International services

We are actively involved in a number of activities and projects of international breadth in relation to our speciality areas. Luciano Butti is the coordinator of these activities in his role of Adjunct Professor of International Environmental Law at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua.
Our international services include drafting legal opinions and participating in transnational research projects with an emphasis on improving environmental legislation in developing countries. Our contributions and articles in English have been included in books and magazines published by prestigious international publishing houses. Through this, we have developed a wide network of contacts with other European law firms that match our specialty areas.


We assist companies in tax disputes with a specific focus on local taxes on waste and depuration fe

Public Contracts

The firm provides consulting and assistance to both Contracting Authorities and private companies, both in preparation of the documentation and participation in public tenders, managing any administrative disputes.
The consulting and assistance also extends to the execution phase, including management of disputes (qualitative and quantitative) during contract execution and completion, managing any civil disputes (breaches, defects, damage to third parties, surety and insurance issues).
A specific characteristic of our lawyers is to work from the outset together with the various company functions as well as the technical consultants of the company: in this way the legal and technical defense can proceed in a coordinated manner. Our customers mainly consist of public companies and medium and large companies, also of international scope.